Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Daughter dear and I went to the movie tonight to see Santa Claus 3 The escape clause. It was a pretty good movie. Seeing Tim Allen looking like Santa is a little odd for me though. I can't really explain it so I'll move on.
I have been busy getting things ready for this weekend. I'm trying not to pack everything along with the kitchen but it hard not to. We have warm weather one day but the next day it will be cool. So you have to pack for both. I thew in a pair of earplugs. You know how 15 little girls love to giggle half the night while your trying to sleep. I just hope I'm able to sleep. I'm taking my air mattress just in case I can't sleep on their cots. I wish I could take my bed with me but no can do.I'm sneaking in my walkman. We have our last district game for the year. We have only lost two games this year and I have to listen to the game. I may act like I'm going to bed early just so I can listen. I still can't believe we are not allowed to bring a radio or any type of battery operated thing into camp. We are only allowed to use our cell phone if it is an emergency. Rolling the eyes as I type it.
Anywhoo....Guess I'll get busy on a few more things. Have a nice evenings folks.

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