Saturday, December 30, 2006

Morning folks... It is a dark and rainy wet Saturday here on Lavaca Bay. We started in with the thunder boomers around 4:00 this morning. Daughter dear woke me up saying she couldn't sleep because of her cough. I was listening to her for about an hour and decided I would wait and see if she would come and ask for her medicine. She has asthma (just like her dad) and sometimes she gets that cough that goes along with it. I startled hubby who was getting dressed to go out to work. They are having problems big time. He was having to deal with some men that didn't do their jobs. They were more concerned with getting off for the weekend instead of working. Like he said "I'm use to it and I don't see it changing anytime soon." The big boss will have to decide who he needs to get rid of. I'm not allowed to pick who works with me. I wish he did because I know the first one I would cut.
I wonder how Saddam is liking his first day in hell. I would like to know if he has tried to take controll of the devil's position yet. I have to say I was supprised to see pictures on CNN of him dead. They also has some feed of him getting the noose placed around his neck. I bet they get a lot of flack off the public for doing so.
Guess I better get busy with the house work. Daughter dear has a science project we have to work on today. Collecting data

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