Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Search terms for the week

1.Playgirl cover for Nov. 2006
2.now Christmas
3. Edcouch-elsa
4.Long Elegant legs.com
5. pee
6.Christmas gifts
7. 2006 sandcrabs
8. where sand crabs sleep
9. port lavaca edcouch game results
10. becky, port lavaca
11. Kingsville water district
12. Uvalde football coaching staff
13. Calhoun Sandcrabs
14. "i have so much to do today"
15. "she makes me look short"
16. edcouch elsa yellow jackets
17. "yes ma'ma" manners
18. "what do men do when they get bored"

I typed these up the way they were typed.

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