Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well I finally made it in from another party. Geezzz...Just a few more and I'm done. Lord knows I'm going to gain a ton of weight from having to taste all that good food everyone is serving. You notice I said having to taste. Ha! Don't call me late for dinner because I'm a eater. Daughter dear had a great time. She said she was given the best gift this evening. A light up pen and a new diary. She only has about 10 of them.
I got another early Christmas gift today. A 3 inch nail in the side wall of my tire. I was at the school doing some work and walked out to the SUV and I was looking down at the time and there it was sticking out. I called the hubby and asked what shop should I go to and off I went. He ended up coming over to see what was going on. The tech guy said I was lucky that the tire didn't go flat on me because it would have messed up the side of the tire and then I would have needed a new tire. So I feel lucky about it. Hubby says he will buy me a new tire before I go on another long distance trip. I'm going to download some pictures then call it a night. Later...

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