Saturday, December 02, 2006

Well I made it through the day. I have to admit that I passed out in the middle of the den floor in front of the fire for about an hour until my neighbor came by to bring daughter dear a Christmas gift. Daughter dear made it through the lock in without falling asleep. Mom on the other hand had a 3 hour nap. I needed it because I knew I wouldn't be able to make it through my garage sale. The garage sale went really well. I made $335 dollars and some change. So yeah for me. I will put it towards my house taxes at the end of the month. I'm happy to have been able to get rid of all the stuff. I had two bags of stuff that I was going to take to Goodwill but a man came by asking for free stuff and I was like you can have that over there. It saved me a trip across town. A win win situation if you ask me. I'm off to get ready for bed. Night folks

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