Friday, January 12, 2007

Good morning folks! It looks like we will be having a nice warm sunny day for today only. The weatherman keeps talking about the bitter cold front is on the way and Monday we will have sleet. I'm happy we have MLK day off. That way I can stay in where it's warm and dry.
I guess the experiment for Harry Potter didn't work because I had my usual hits. Along with December 2006 Play Girl magazine. I have a hit for that one everyday. I went over to google to see what the fuss was about and boy did I get a eyeful. He is a handsome man but I wonder if he is gay. You can't be that handsome and that well hung (sorry guys) not to be. Who knows and I don't plan on finding out either.
My crazy cat can't seem to leave my hands alone. Everytime I pop open the laptop he jumps up to get in my lap that way he can try to bat and scratch at my hands. He has been a good cat so far. My hubby has him spoiled. I told daughter dear the we have been replaced. She grinned.
I guess I'll start my day with ending this post and check on a few blogs and then head on out to school. Have a great day!

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