Monday, January 08, 2007


Good Morning everyone! It is a bright and sunny morning here on the bay. Kind of nippy out but it will warm up to 60 this afternoon. I have the day off today. I have to get some things taken care of for the week. Daughter dear has to have surgery on her left elbow. I thought she had some type of cyst but the doctor set me straight and told me it is a tumor but not a cancer type of tumor. So I'm waiting for a phone call for the actual surgery date. I hope it will be a week from today because we have that day off. Daughter dear is concerned because she has perfect attendance for the past 4 years and wants to keep it going.
Salem (the new addition) is a little stinker. He is spoiled rotten because the hubby has made him that way. Hubby had him wrapped up in his t-shirt and sleeping in daughter dear's computer chair. He slept this way for over 3 hours yesterday. Then when I go to put him in his cage last night he gets mad and bites and claws me. I keeping him in a large cage at night until I can get him to stop trying to jump up on things like the counter. He is so small and he thinks he can make it and ends up falling and hitting the tile really hard. I'm affraid he is going to give himself brain damage from doing stupid things. So he will stay in the cage when no one is home .
I hope it warms up quickly. I need to wash about 2 months of dirt off my SUV. It is nasty and I don't like nasty. Speaking of nasty my neighbor has a family of skunks living under his storage building. Saturday night hubby and I notice a smell that would knock you over as you walked into the kitchen and laundry room area. I told him it smelled like a skunk. He agreed. I opened the back door and boy.....I thought I was going to toss the cookies. My side garage door was open and I think it came in that way and sprayed and went back out. So last night I'm getting ready for bed and I went out to dump some trash and there is the smell again. But it was out side the garage. I opened the side door and it could have knocked you over the smell so so strong. I figured the skunk was trying to get into the trash. I told hubby I was going to leave the side gate opened and see if tonight they can leave and go away. I do know I'm going to put out some moth balls because they don't like them. I'm off to read some blogs. Have a great day!

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