Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I do believe daughter dear's nerves are getting to her. She was so crabby with her daddy earlier that it actually hurt his feelings. I told him that she is scared about tomorrow. I also had to remind him that she hasn't had a shot since she was a baby. So blow it off because I'm sure she will be a charm to be around in the morning and to thank his lucky stars he is forced to be out at work and not with us. I asked the doctor last week if I could have a picture of the cyst. Then I explained how the hubby wouldn't be able to make it and that he wanted to see what would cause such a lump in his daughter's arm. So he will use my camera to take the picture for me. I have to admit I would also like to see it .
I survived going to work today. It was cold as all get out and I didn't like doing bus duty out in the cold but I did survive. I will only have to work half a day tomorrow because of having to leave early so at least I won't have to do duty or tutorials. YEAH!!!
Well I'm getting off this thing. I'm tired and I hope like crazy when I get in bed hubby won't be snoring like he was last night. Night all!

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