Monday, January 01, 2007

New day...New Year....

Good Morning Folks! It's a bright sunny 43 degrees here on Lavaca Bay. It is so pretty and sunny out just right for a new year and new day. I had a pretty quiet New Years Eve. Daughter dear picked the best time to get sick. On a holiday weekend when the doctor won't be in until Tuesday. But I still had a little fun with her and the hubby. Back about three weeks ago I bought a air horn knowing that I was going to have some fun with it. Hubby was in the sun room with his computer doing his thing and daughter dear was laying in bed watching a DVD. At midnight I broke out the air horn and daughter dear came running in and was asking what is that noise. I blew it and she grabbed it running to blow it at dad. I just sat there and laughed and told them both Happy New Year.
Our plans for today is to finish the dreaded science project. We worked on that thing all day yesterday. I think her typing is what took so long. I was printing pictures and matting them while she was finishing up on that. Then it was time to put the boarder on along with the lettering. I hope it gets finished today. I need to get the Christmas stuff down before Wednesday. We start back to school on Thursday. I can't wait. I miss the kids.
I hope everyone has a great first day in the New Year!

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