Saturday, January 13, 2007


Good morning folks! I survived last night....Whew... Daughter dear had a friend sleep over last night. I have never heard so many fits of giggles out of them before. Hubby and I just rolled our eyes at each other. Well it actually looks like we will be having some cold weather coming this way. I told hubby he would have to pull the plants in the garage. My daughter and her friend were talking about how they hope it snows. I hope it doesn't and I'm just happy we will be off on Monday.
I found last night that my side bar is gone. I was reading blogs last night and decided to click on my link while I was at another site and scanned down my page and found them at the bottom of my page. I went over my templates and everything is where it suppose to be. I don't know if blogger is having problems or if something is wrong with the templates. I guess I'll leave it for now and if I need to make some changes I will. Who knows.
I'm going to get moving and get some coffee. More later......

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