Sunday, February 11, 2007


Hello everyone....
It looks to be a wet and cold Sunday here on the bay. I was in hopes that the weather would warm a little and the rain would stop. It makes me want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.
Daughter dear would not let me sleep late this morning and I was hoping to do so after the hard week I had. This week looks to be another hard one also. I will take Tuesday off to be the nice daughter in law that I am(yeah right) to take my mother in law to the doctor. I need to find some time to do my taxes. It looks like daughter dear will have to fill out a tax return this year. She had stock in Dell Computer and hubby turned around and sold it. Then he turned around and bought Exxon Mobil stock. She made a nice little pile of money out of this adventure. Then I get a form in the mail stating what I need to file with the IRS. This is what you get when you play with the stock market.But on the other hand she will have a good college education.
In other news Salem will have his knockers cut off on Thursday and he will have his claws removed. He is a inside cat but I won't have him tearing up my leather or climbing the curtains. He put a nice scratch on the side of my leather chair. I thought I was going to lose it. Hubby grabbed him and put him in the laundry room until I cooled off.
We loaded up and went to my parents yesterday. We had a nice family get together. My cousin drove over to visit and the girls went to the square to shop. They have a few expensive places there to shop. I ended up buying a can opener and a spoon. When we came home the guys are like what did everyone buy? I stated what I had purchased and they looked at me like I was crazy. My husband informed me that I could have bought what I wanted a lot cheaper at Wal Mart. I told him that you can't buy this brand at Wal Mart. Anyway I'll let ya know how well it opens cans for me.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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