Friday, January 18, 2008

Four day weekend

So I thought. Daughter Dear has been given three projects to do over the weekend. One is to finish up her Science project by getting it printed out and put on the board. Second she has to make a complete scrapbook of a famous dead person. I was reading over the instruction sheet and she has to have a birth announcement and an obituary. Along with what they did in life to make them famous. Her teacher was kind enough to let her use the computer during the time I'm doing tutorials to look stuff up and print off. Mrs. C came up laughing and told me DD wanted to know what a chicken ranch was. I looked at her and asked if she was doing her project on Marvin Zindler. The teacher said yes because her first choice was a little to hard to find detailed info. I asked if it was King Tut and she said no it was Cleopatra. I should have known this because she dressed up as her for Halloween. The third project is to pick an animal and tell how it evolved and came about until now. Doesn't this sound like a fun weekend. I need some wine...Pronto

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