Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Morning folks... I think it's gonna be a good day. Do you know why?? It's Friday that's why. I'm ready to get this day over with because I have a busy weekend. That is one reason I took yesterday off.
Last Friday I guess I was smoking crack because DD's friends mother called last night asking if it was still on for B to come over and spend the night. Sure... But I have somewhere to be at 10:00 so I'll have to drop her off at 9:45. The friend wasn't to happy to hear the news but we have a kick off party for Girl Scout cookie sales. Here's the good part. The girls usually get a trip somewhere for doing the cookie sales. Well this year we decided to go to a Dude Ranch over in Bandera,Texas. The girls were listening to us hash over stuff at our meeting last Sunday and I thought DD was going to start swinging from the light fixtures she was so happy. Me on the other hand...I'll try to get my fat ass back on a horse again. The last time I got on a horse I was flung like a pile of shit into a barb wire fence. It should be a fun weekend though for the last weekend of April. Which reminds me Supergurl has a post up for the Blog meet. You may want to go over to her site and check it out.

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