Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm getting tomorrow off. If I can get into see the knee doctor I am. My little bipolar kid was having a really bad day today and kicked me in my bad knee and now it's swollen. I thought DD was going to come unglued. She was sitting at a table in my room reading a book when the kid lost it (next time DD will go to gym). Bipolar kid called me a idiot and that is when DD slammed her book down and stood up with hands on her hips. I turn back to see what the noise was and that is when I got kicked. DD was pissed and I could see it on her face and I told her to sit down and read that everything was fine. The teacher was upset also because she knew it was my bad knee so she called the boss lady down to see me. I told her I was fine but to be on the safe side I will take tomorrow off.

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