Monday, January 21, 2008

My Nut of a Dad...

I'm sitting in my chair watching the news and relaxing a little bit before Daughter Dear comes in begging for dinner. I hear this thud sound and figured it was DD doing something in the sun room. Then I hear it again. Once again I think nothing of it. So I focus my attention back to the news. Then all of a sudden it sounds like the Swat Team is busting down the glass door that covers my front door. I have to admit I jumped up and DD comes crying from the sun room that she is scared. I told her something tells me it's Gram and Papaw. So I head to the front door and sure enough he is standing there with his hands full telling me how rude I am for making him stand out in the dark. I told him I thought I better go put on clean panties because he scared us both.
He knows the way to my heart. He brought me 4 links of some good sausage from Weimar Texas. Back when I was a little girl my parents would buy a half a cow each year. They would also buy sausage and cheeses. Well here I am all of eight years old and I get this hankering for sausage. It was smelling so good so I opened the package and ate the whole link while riding in the backseat to Houston. So we get home and Mom is putting the meat in the freezer and she noticed that she is one link of sausage short and tells my dad. Well I finally admitted that I ate it and till this day my parents still tease me about eating that link of sausage.
I love me some sausage and I love my parents

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