Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hump Day...

Who came up with this saying??? Because I could care less about humping anything at this point. I'm tired... and I went to bed at a decent hour. The weather is screwed up. Hot one day cold the next. No wonder the kids are walking around sick. DD went home yesterday afternoon with an ear ache so I thought. The nurse called "the hubby" to come pick her up. Well he calls me later to tell me she had a miracle recovery and wanted to play on the computer. I said NO. She needs to study for the Spelling Bee next week. She became ill again. Go figure.
The kids in my class have been warned not to come up to me sneezing, coughing, or spewing snot and trust me the do all of this. One little boy digs for gold all day and it just makes me sick. Where am I going with all of this who knows... I just hope I can make it through the rest of this cold weather without getting sick.
Well I'm off to start another day at the school house. I hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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