Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm getting over being pissed right now. My child has a tracker (it's like a folder) that she has to have signed every night by a parent. Well she had it signed by her Dad the past two nights. I open it tonight to sign it after she smart mouthed me and seeing the note that the teacher had written in it from the day before really made me mad. See... Daughter Dear has become rather lazy here lately and is going through some changes that are enough to make Mom want to pull her hair out. So I go to her room and ask her about the note. Her response was rather smart mouth and rude towards me so I busted her butt. I have told her many times that being lazy will get her no where in life and now she has a zero for not doing her homework because she didn't feel like doing it. If it wasn't so late her Dad would be getting an ear full for not telling me about the note. What I don't what makes them think I wouldn't have found the note or the teacher telling me. I need a vacation.

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