Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nothing like being honest...

February 23, 2008
McCain hoping Castro dies
Posted: 10:25 AM ET

McCain made clear Friday he's not sorry to see Castro go.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain says he doesn't look for any major political reforms in Cuba until after Fidel Castro dies, adding he hopes that's not far off.

As McCain put it during a campaign stop in Indiana Friday, "I hope he has the opportunity to meet Karl Marx very soon."

That's a reference to the author of "The Communist Manifesto," who died in 1883.

McCain's comments follow an argument between Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over the best way to push for change in Cuba.

Castro himself has responded to the barbed interest in his decision to step down this week as Cuba's leader.

Eighty-one years-old and infirm, Castro says he's enjoyed seeing "the embarrassing position of all the presidential candidates" making "demands of Cuba." And he says he made the right call by
stepping down.

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