Monday, February 11, 2008

Yeah I know. SLACKER... I haven't really felt all that great for about two weeks now and yes I went to the docotr and spent the weekend trying to recover from having to write a check for over a $100's for medicine. I thought I was going to faint at the counter. Anyway Daughter Dear ended up going to my parents so I could sleep and rest. I did rest a little but I also cleaned house and did laundry. Every time I turn around I have a ton of laundry.
As far as the weigh in goes I didn't do it as you can see. I promise next weekend to do better.
Weddings... They're not my favorite. I promised I would be in a cousins wedding back last June. Well it was post poned until 3 weeks ago. She is now getting married again in April. Now I have Bridal showers to go to and a dress to buy that more than likely will never be worn again. I have a problem with saying NO. I can't seem to say the word when if comes to certain things.
I went and bought me a new book to read. It's called The Divide by Nicholas Evans. He is the author of The Horse Whisperer. Now all I need is time to read it.

As you can see... Not much going on around here.

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