Friday, March 21, 2008

A Bunny Story
Once upon a time there was a man who was peacefully driving
down a windy road. Suddenly, a bunny skipped across the road
and the man couldn't stop. He hit the bunny head on. The man
quickly jumped out of his car to check the scene. There, lying
lifeless in the middle of the road, was the Easter Bunny.

The man cried out, "Oh no! I have committed a terrible crime!
I have run over the Easter Bunny!"

The man started sobbing quite hard and then he heard another
car approaching. It was a woman in a red convertible. The
woman stopped and asked what the problem was. The man
"I have done something horribly sad. I have run over the
Easter Bunny. Now there will be no one to deliver eggs on
Easter, and it's all my fault."

The woman ran back to her car. A moment later, she came back
carrying a spray bottle. She ran over to the motionless bunny
and sprayed it. The bunny immediately sprang up, ran into the
woods, stopped, and waved back at the man and woman. Then it
ran another 10 feet, stopped, and waved. It then ran another
10 feet, stopped, and waved again. It did this over and over
and over again until the man and the woman could no longer see
the bunny.

Once out of sight, the man exclaimed, "What is that stuff in
that bottle?"

The woman replied, "It's harespray.
It revitalizes hare and adds permanent wave."

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