Monday, March 10, 2008

Good morning folks.... It's a bright and sunny with a boat load of bad weather coming from the North. The news has been reporting for two days that we would be having some bad weather for today.
I don't know who came up with daylight savings time but he had to be one stupid fucker. Couldn't you have found something better to do with your time than screw up my sleeping pattern. I didn't help matters last night by knocking DD's lamp off the table next to her bed. I tried really hard to catch it but the base landed on top of my foot. It's swollen and it hurts to put my full weight on it. Knowing my luck... I screwed something up. I also have to put a new socket in the lamp. After it bounced off my foot it hit the floor breaking it.
Daughter Dear doesn't want to go to the Alamo but she wants to go to the Science Museum. I told her we would go Wednesday. It will give Houston a day to dry out from all the rain. Then we'll head over to see my sisters for the evening.
As you can see... Not to much going on around here.
And before I forget. Duh me... I lost a pound last week. I keep forgetting to post my weight on Saturday. I know....

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