Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heard on the streets of B.C.

Every 3rd Saturday they have Market Days in B.C. so me,my sister, my cousin, and my child decide to go over and look at the crap they have for sale. Usually it is nothing but crap but they actually had some stuff to look at. So...We're walking down the sidewalk minding our own business when we hear this beep beep beep. We look over and it's my Dad and BIL on their motorcycles. We wave and I got the idea to run to the corner and yell across the street to my Dad asking if he has any cash. My BIL yells back "What kind of services are you offering?" I look back because I hear my sister and cousin laughing then I hear my child asking what is Uncle M talking about...
Not missing a beat I yell back are you client #10? My Dad and BIL started laughing and rode off when the light turned green. Well... I turn around and the different people in the booths are giving dirty looks. Give me a break...I was only having a little fun.

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