Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm in need of some toothpicks right now to hold open my eyelids. I stayed up to late last night for the election coverage here in town. I had two people I really wanted to win and they did. Remember awhile back I posted about the constable that pulled me over then gave me his card. Well he was defeated last night. My teacher friend up at the school her son beat him out. I'm so happy for him and his family.

We're having Taks testing here at the school today. Exit testing for the 5th graders and reading Taks for the lower grades. Daughter Dear has to pass all of these tests to move onto 6th grade. I wish they would do away with this type of testing and just give a standard test at the end of the year. It's to much pressure on the kids and the school wants numbers to make them look good. I don't like that at all.
Tomorrow is the County Spelling Bee. I have a gut feeling DD won't make it but who cares. At least she won her school Bee and that is something to be proud of. Anywhooo... time to get to work. Have a good one!

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