Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The last three weeks of school has been a shit show. Since I'm in the reading area, its my job to collect all library books and make sure they are turned in. Not as easy as you think. I have had it written on the board for three weeks in bright letters to have your books turned in on May 26th. Did they bring them??? No... I slapped them with detention starting today until they turn them in. I hope this will be a reminder so I don't have to hear "I forgot".... Here's an invite to write sentences that "I will turn in my books on time."
Text books are due tomorrow. How much do you want to bet they will be throwing these books at me because they are sick of school.....

And one more thing, stop giving my child projects. Detailed ones at that!!! She had to decorate a science board with details about a certain country and bring a popular food that is served in that country. Due today. For Science it was picking a animal from Africa and making a real life diorama. Then write a essay on it. Due tomorrow.
Like "the hubby" said, that is fucking bullshit. Yep I agree, but we have to cram it all in before tomorrow because grades are due.

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