Monday, May 11, 2009

Fuck Obama Day...

I wonder how many of you have received your stimulus money, you know the ones that were crying their eyes out when O-hole was giving his acceptance speech on tv. I'm gonna get my teeth fixed, he's gonna pay my rent, I don't hafta worry about paying my bills no more. Yeah, you're right on the last one because I'm going to be supporting your sorry ass while you sit at home like you usually do scratching your ass trying to figure out what you might do for the day.

What I think is really funny was all the so called actors and actresses went to Washington this past week to suck O-hole's dick some more.They were given a dinner for supporting ass munch during the election. I wonder if they have figured out that O-hole is going to be taxing their asses come next week. More than likely they're to stupid to figure it out, this is why they don't have a regular nine to five job.

Fuck you O-hole. To the rest of you, have a great Monday.

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