Friday, May 22, 2009

Came home for lunch...

DRAMA...I hate any form of it especially out of adults. Last night was DD's final choir concert for the year. I was in charge of the sixth grade girls.

RULES for concert: Sit in your seat. DO not get up unless you are told. Do not ask to go potty. You will not be allowed to go.

Time to be seated. One student is missing. I go looking for her. I found her outside hiding. My boss told me point blank to tell her to get inside and in her seat or she could stay out and be counted absent. I gave her the message. She stomped in and sat down and proceeded to trash talk me to the girls sitting around her. One child turned around and said she is saying ugly things about you. I get up and go over and tell her she needed to get over herself because the message came from the boss and if she had a problem she could take it up with her. She proceeded to tell me she was gonna tel her mom and I was gonna be in trouble (her words not mine) I told her to go right ahead and do it. She did and mom went to the boss and asked where this Mrs. Mason was... She won't be talking to my childs like that. LOL... Boss told her that she told me to give her child the message and if she had a problem she needed to take it up with her. Mom wasn't happy. Long story short, boss called the cops on her and had her removed. This morning boss asked if Mom approached me and I said, no but I got a dirty look. We both laughed and went about our business.

8 and a half days left.

It's Friday and I couldn't be more happier. It has been a hard week and I'm tired.

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