Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breaking Point....

Well I finally had enough. Every day at the same time the door bell rings and it is the neighbor girl from down the street wanting to come in. What usually happens is she door hops from one house to another until someone takes her in. I let the one neighbor in on what she does so they don't answer the door. Me on the other hand has let it get to a point to where today was my breaking point. She called before she showed up on the door step which made me want to faint because she never calls before showing up. Daughter Dear answered the phone and told her she couldn't have company because of a certain reason but she could come to her house and visit for awhile if that was okay. She asked her parents and they told her that she could come for 45 minutes and would have to leave. DD was shocked when she heard her mother say this and told "the girl" that she had to go and wouldn't be coming down. I told DD at that moment "no more." This kid is at my house every day all day long and I'm no longer going to babysit her ass so her mom and dad can relax while I clean up after their booger picking, nail biting, nail spit er, food smacking kid is at my house every day.

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