Monday, June 01, 2009

Yeah!!! It's Monday and the last one for me for a couple of months. I'll talking the kids into helping pack crap this week. All the classrooms are getting the floors stripped and 6 coats of wax. I'm so sick of getting emails about get your stuff packed, marked and labeled. Which reminds me I need to take masking tape. Today is also the first day of June which means the beginning of hurricane season. Hopefully we will be blessed with no storms but hey, if we get one...bring it on! I'm also seven days away from adding another year on but I'm not reading for the nursing home yet.
Monday also means it's Fuck Obama Day. I wonder how brainless wonder is going to deal with short duck dong and his miss fire sperms he's launching. Hey O-hole bend over and take one for the USA.
Not much else to report on around here. I sure wish it was Thursday though...

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