Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not much to report on around here. I guess you could say same shit different day. I'm still blessed to have a pain in the neck still. Went back to the doctor and he changed the meds to something stronger. Daughter Dear told him instead of me sleeping half the day now, I'll just sleep all day. I happy to say I only slept half the day and my neck isn't as stiff as it usually is. Yeah!!!

I took Daughter Dear this morning to register for 7th grade. I can't figure where the time has gone.I have a baby one minute and turn around and my baby looks like a teenager. Beautiful face, skinny figure, and an attitude to go with it. I'm so screwed. I caught one boy checking her out while I was talking to his mother. I told him I would be watching him this year( he gave me a sly grin)and I have to say it made me ILL. LOL..

We haven't had rain in months. Everything is starting to look orange around here and the water lines are breaking left and right in the neighborhood. They're working on a line across the street as I type. So no water until further notice.

So as you can see not much going on around here and I sure wish I was going with my friend on a cruise tomorrow. Robert drink a Pina Colada for me and enjoy your first cruise. You're going to have a blast!

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