Monday, December 14, 2009


Holy mother of god...I do believe hormones have eaten my child up and turned her into some kind of beast. I want my sweet baby girl back!

DD: Mom I have a zit on my forehead that needs to be popped.

Me: Okay

DD: Well...are you going to pop it? It's nasty you know.

Me: Rolling my eyes and thinking here comes round one.

DD: Are you having a attitude?

Me: Watch it or you're going to have a serious problem.

DD: OMG...

Me: Popped it and then I made the mistake of telling her she had a blackhead the size of Texas on the side of her nose.

DD: Well....You're not going to leave it there are you.

Me: I can if you like.

DD: I have a hole in my shirt.

ME: Should have kept my mouth shut. No biggie. It needs to go into the garage sale bag any way.

DD: What are you saying? Can't it be sewn?

ME: Nope. It's a little tight so you can toss it.

DD: Are you saying I'm fat?

Me: NOOOOOO.....I ran for cover before she exploded and I'm still in hiding from the hormone beast.I may not come out until she turns 25.

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