Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Daughter dear failed to pick out her clothes for school last night. For years now I have made her pick out her clothes for school the night before so there would be no changing of the mind once morning rolls around. If she forgets then mom (me) gets to pick them out. Last night she forgot to pick them out so this morning I go into the closet zone. Ugh... what a mess! Anyway, I pick out a top, jeans, and her (uggie) boots. She comes out of the bathroom and says, her outfit looks "gay". My question is, how do clothes look gay? I asked her this and got the typical uh, flip of the hair and walk away attitude. Something tells me the teen years aren't going to be fun around here. But one thing still is unanswered. How do clothes look gay? I thought it was the person who made the clothes look gay.

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KeesKennis said...

If you leave that "clothes can be gay" to stay, it can become a reality.
YOU are raising the child!!