Monday, January 04, 2010

Obama Claus???


I walked out of the church from my Aunt's funeral last week and this is what greeted us as we walked out. My child called him Obama Claus but I on the other hand called him Porch monkey Claus.I'm going to change the subject here and ask... Who in their right mind would paint a old historic home this fugly shade of blue??? I'll let you be the one to answer that...Happy Monday to you folks.
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USA_Admiral said...

Even the the toy soldier near the steps is a shade darker?

Where is the Hope and Change Symbols?

Mrs. Who said...

I've read that blue was used in voodoo cultures so that it would look like the sky. Ghosts only come out at night, but would see the blue and think it was still daylight, and thus not haunt the house.

Many old houses in the New Orleans area are painted in very bright colors.