Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why is it when you add a little rain,ice,or bad weather in general the stupidness (my word tyvm)comes out in people? I'm taking my child to school this morning and the roads are slick from rain and here I am driving down the hwy minding my business and a flaming asshole comes shooting across the hwy going to the Exxon station. I guess it was one of those "I think I can make it" ideas on the part of the other driver,it was a little to close for comfort for me though and then... here comes another one up from behind me on my right. This high school punk decides he doesn't want to be behind pokie mon in the right lane and steers into my lane cutting me off and nearly misses rear ending the car in front of me before steers back over to the right lane. This little act pisses me off so my only chance at getting a make and license of the car is hoping like hell the light in front of me turns red so punk can't keep going. Well it happened and I was able to call the police department at the light and give them the info I needed. What was fun on my part was watching them watch me in their rear view mirror. I dropped my child off at school and come back out to the hwy and across the way towards the high school Mr.Cop has said person pulled over. Karma is a bitch at times....Have a happy hump day!!!

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Angie Lee said...

LOL. Priceless!

We've got some mighty stupid fuckers like that here, too.