Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The joy of Spring Break and being able to relax in bed with a mug of hot coffee sitting on the table next to me. Tomorrow Daughter Dear will be chartering a bus up to Austin to the Opera to see Phantom of The Opera. We spent Sunday shopping for the right dress, shoes, jacket,and purse and let me tell ya... IT WAS NOT AN EASY TASK because I hate to shop! Thanks to my family members that like to shop, it made the chore an easy task even though my girl child was "ugh this" and "ugh that". I made it loud and clear that her manners were lacking and that she embarrassed me with her behavior. I do believe if the store clerk wouldn't have been standing guard over the rack of dresses, Mommy would have smacked her then and there. I'm at a point to where I can't stand her behavior but working in the school system her behavior is normal compared to the others in her class and I mean NORMAL!
Time to enjoying some more time doing nothing. Happy Wednesday folks!!

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USA_Admiral said...

It sounds to me like you earned that break.