Friday, October 08, 2010

Thought this was interesting....

9 drugstore items your doctor would never buy

1. Over-the-counter weight loss medicine : A majority of the over-the-counter products do not provide the same quality as prescription medication. Doctors say old-fashioned diet and exercise are the best weight loss aids.
2. Wrinkle creams : These products make big promises that don’t deliver. According to studies documented by dermatologists, wrinkle creams had little to no affect on the user. Avoiding sun exposure and smoking in combination with a daily moisturizer is the best prevention method. It is also much cheaper.
3. Children’s cold medicines : Decongestants can cause more harm in children than good. They often irritate the mucous membrane according to Dr. Michael Cohen. Patience and Tylenol are the best treatments.
4. StriVectin : This ‘Better than botox’ product is simply false advertising. Dr. Richard Baxter states “that is like the difference between buying Tylenol and going to your doctor for Vicodin.”
5. Vitamins and dietary supplements : Ensure a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to ward off colds and sickness instead of pumping yourself with supplements. Studies show that supplements had little affect on the prevention of sickness.
6. Cellulite creams : These creams only provide a placebo affect on your thighs.
7. Whitening toothpaste : The chemicals in whitening systems greatly differ than those in whitening toothpastes. In many instances, chemicals in whitening toothpastes can wear down tooth enamel and make them look dull. Make sure to check with your dentist before hand.
8. Hair stimulators : Products that claim to stimulate hair re-growth are falsely adverstising. Rogaine is the only FDA-approved topical treatment for hair loss.
9. Proactiv : Don’t pay a premium for your face wash. The active ingredients in this products are the same as those in a drug store.
10. Candy : The worst items a person can buy at a drugstore are lollipops and sugar-containing breath mints. They cause rapid tooth decay.

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