Tuesday, November 09, 2010


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This goes out to the stupid Mexican cunt that didn't like the speed limit I was driving in the neighborhood this morning. I gave you a one finger salute as I tested my breaks on you. Please swim back across the river......


Anonymous said...


I like your attitude.

But how do you know she was a mexican? She could have been Irish with a tan. Irish women love to tailgate and bully people. How do I know? I married one.

The Supreme court says you can't ask for I.D.

That's against her "Human Rights"!

H2o said...

I turned around and went down her street and saw her. I know her mom but that didn't stop me from telling her to go back to Mexico if she doesn't like living by our laws.

My town is like living in Mexico, just saying.

Anonymous said...

"My town is like living in Mexico, just saying."
Hey H2o

Yea, I got a cousin living in Austin and he says the same thing.

By the way, Some of my remarks may seem like i'm being a smart-ass, but I'm really just joking around. So, what I'm saying is don't take me seriously.


H2o said...

Not a problem! I'm laid back when it comes to things! Remark away! :)