Monday, November 22, 2010

Short Week

We have a short week. I know my child is a happy camper because of Thanksgiving. Getting to sleep late is her favorite past time now days. I have to say I never thought I would see the day she would sleep past seven in the morning.

We had a nice weekend. We went to see our high school team play on Friday and win 42-12. We advance on to play Bourne on Friday. I wonder what their win loss record is and I wonder if they are any good. Leave me a comment if you know....
The neighbors are already putting Christmas crap up. I can't get into the mood of putting any of it up until I have my Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving doesn't need the glow of tree light just some candles maybe?

I'm still going to Physical torture 3 times a week for the ole knee. I hope to be finished by the 7th and back to work in a week. Keeping my fingers crossed. I have become so lazy from all this sitting around. The spider bite is clearing up each day. I hope my toe nail grows out fast. It looks really nasty.

Hope you guys have a great Monday!


Robert said...

The other team is 11-1. They won their two playoff games by 3 points on the first game and 14 points on the second. Both games were high high scoring games with over 27 points scored per team. I think your team has a great chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

Why is it all teenagers would sleep 24/7 till 5 PM if allowed?