Thursday, November 17, 2011


They have no concept of time and their ears don't work either. With that said, this morning I keep telling daughter dear to get up because its 6:40. She finally comes dragging her ass in the den at 6:45 complaining she's tired. The news is on talking about cooler weather and tomorrow being cooler than it is today. I proceed to tell my child she needs to wear pants, shoes and socks because its cold out. Fast forward to 7:30 and she comes out dressed in shorts asking me if she looks okay. I asked her if she heard me telling her to dress warm? I get some mumbled smack from her telling me she didn't listen. I pick up her lunch and head out to the SUV and the waiting begins... 7:40 comes and no daughter dear... 7:43 she finally comes out dressed warmer but... a light weight jacket. She is upset because its cold out and I didn't tell her.... HELLO! I asked her if she did not hear me stress to her that she needed to wear warm clothes because it was cold out. I couldn't understand the mumbled words coming out of her mouth but I did catch the words, "I'm going to cry if I get cold during the day..." I looked at her and gave her the look of "shut up" because I'm getting ready to lose it with you. All the way to school it was HURRY UP!!! I'm going to be late!!! I tell her oh time I tell you to get up maybe you will use those things hanging on the side of your head to listen. In return I get the roll of the eyes.....I drop her off at school at 7:46,and now I wonder if she made it to class by 7:48. Who knows... but I'm sure I'll hear about it at 3:04 this afternoon when I pick her up.


Ralphd00d said...

Sounds like my oldest son... makes ya wanna almost slap 'em upside the head at times!

BobG said...

Makes you wonder what it would be like if she was twins, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Iget the very same responses from my 16-year old daughter.


1) pop a Valium.
2) pour a glass of Melot.
3) Turn on Fox News.
4) Fall asleep in recliner.