Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last night before I went to bed I set my oven on clean.Daughter Dear got up because she thought the house was burning down and noticed that the oven was "on". She failed to read on the front panel in large green letters CLEAN, so she turned the oven off. Our conversation this morning reminded me of my mother (whom she looks and takes after).

DD: Mom you left the oven on last night.

Me: Yes, I did but I had it on clean.

DD: No you didn't. It smelled like the house was going to burn down so I turned it off.

Me: Did you hear the smoke alarms going off?

DD: No....

Me: Then the house wasn't on fire and the only thing burning was the stuff being cleaned in the oven.

DD: Are you that lazy you can't scrub inside the oven.

Me: I would never scrub an electric stove because water and electricity don't mix.

DD: Ding a ling... you don't scrub an oven with water.

Me: Then what do I scrub it with smart one....

DD: I have no clue....

Me: Hmm, well I'm setting the oven on clean again so enjoy the smell with your muffin and juice.

She still has a lot to learn even though she thinks she knows everything!


InsomniacSeeker said...

You might also tell the child that generally self cleaning ovens don't like to be scrubbed down like regular ovens. Some of them it doesn't matter, but most tell you to not use the spray on cleaners, etc.

JT said...

Bake something guaranteed to boil over - like a gooey apple pie or something and then let her clean the oven. She will appreciate the self-clean feature after that.

InsomniacSeeker said...

That's a great idea Harper. Lasagna - burned cheese is always hard to get off, or some kind of berry pie or cobbler.