Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Big Fuck YOU!!!!

Fuck you Obama and that donkey of a wife that you rode in on! You ARE a disgrace and I'm sure our forefathers are turning in their graves as this shit show you have created has been passed. I will pay the fine before I buy your insurance......



I'm right there with you. Fuck you Obama!

Toejam said...

Dear H20,

By paying the fine you are basically buying ObamaCare insurance. The only way to avoid this is to buy your own insurance from a company like Aetna. And you know that's going to be difficult, cause they'll pump up the premiums.

PS: Have a great time at Blownstar. Tell Denny I was asking about him.

SoulStraw3 said...

What happened? For the last three years, I keep hearing crap about you "american people" are broke under Obama. For the last three years they don't have enough money to make ends meet, suddenly they have enough money to help try to get the black man they hate out of the White House! he is not a homosexual!

The biggest lie of this or any political campaign has been the republican claim that President Barack Obama is a Marxist socialist who is attempting to destroy America. Most of the people making the allegations are individuals who utilize the epithet in a manner that demonstrates that they have no idea what " Marxist Socialism" is, and even less of an idea of what types of programs are legally permissable in a constitutional republic.

Unless it's a particularly egregious racist comment like calling the First Lady "Moochelle" or a monkey then just address whatever nonsense they're spewing about Obama and crush their ridiculous argument whatever it may be.

No. "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." -- US Constitution
Obama is NO traitor!

I'm really talking about the racism Obama is facing & how disgusting it is that the Tea Party is so focused on getting him out that they aren’t bothering with any actual issues.

Dear neocons. Since you're too lazy to research what the President said and are willing to blindly swallow whatever swill is written here without a moment of skepticism, Thank you for proving my point that neocons care nothing for the truth and are stupid, lazy, and incapable of ever considering anything that isn't force-fed you by the great puppeteers here at Breitbart. Go ahead and remain in your cocoon of ignorance and racism. It's very amusing to watch.

Just admit it- you have an irrational hatred of Obama and the man could make it rain gold bricks out of the sky and you would still find some way to hate him for it. The man can't even give a 4th of July speech celebrating America and the immigrants who made this country great without all you mentally ill mouth breathers twisting his words into something they weren't and seeing false boogeymen. Just admit you are racists!

Calling the POTUS a liar and a fraud seems to be the calling card for bigots andd racists like you!
Obama inherited a sinking economy, I don't like everything he has done, but I agree that he has more successes than failures. He has my vote. I just wish he would pull us out of Afghanistan. Anyone who calls Obama a failure is a lying racist!

You clearly don’t understand anything about what makes a Muslim, never mind the fact that President Obama’s father was born a Christian (was actually an atheist when he married Obama’s mother) and then converted to Islam later.

100 percent proof, Hatred for Barack Obama comes from Racism! You racists are the REAL National and International Disgrace! Anti-American racists!

H2o said...

Soul Straw, STFU! I don't hate people, I dislike them and the things they do! One day you will pull your head out of your ass and realize that BO was a POOR excuse for a president. One other thing, STOP putting the blame on Bush, gawd BO bailed out failing companies and put us into debt and among other things. So its a two way steet you damn moonbat!