Friday, July 06, 2012

Blog Meet Fun...

Arriving at the ranch!

I'm right behind you T!
Looking for fossils at the pond.

My fat ass opening the gate....
A Texas mountain.
Bread pudding I made.
Fountain in the pool.
Josh flinging the bird at Cal.
Paul trying to take my picture.
Upside down Denny!
Boob time, the owner of the ranch.
Rob licking his boobs....
Mr. Boobage himself, Denny.
Sitting on the hot tub while Josh posed for bird flying pics.
Bird flipping Josh .....
Only Paul would have his boobs upside down
Two boobs, Georgia and Paul.
Tina and I with Jackie pinching my nipple.
Jackie I think you're nips are slipping out.
Georgia holding hers up.....


InsomniacSeeker said...

bunch of boobs in those pics.
loved the bread pudding.

JT said...

Just realized that you went to a completely different part of the ranch with a different body of water, when you were fossil hunting.

CharlieDelta said...

Well damn, wish I could have made it this year. It's fun hanging out with all you boobs!

kerrcarto said...

Paul, only Paul. Fun times! Great to see you.