Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I stepped out to see if the expected cold front had made it and boy....I was hit with wind gusts. The wind is blowing at 35 mph. We are under a red flag warning. Meaning...don't burn your trash folks.
I'm still dragging butt from this weekend. I didn't think a lack of sleep would take so long to get over. I can't wait for this weekend. Daughter dear has a sleep over so I'm thinking this is when I'll play catch up on the loss of sleep this past weekend.
I can't believe they are already showing Christmas ads on tv. Gee we haven't even had Thanksgiving. My neighbor is already putting up her decorations. I thought I had seen some white lights glowing from behind the mini blinds and asked daughter dear if she had seen any decorations when she was over there and she said yes that Mrs. A had stuff up. I'm not one for having stuff up before you give thanks. I guess you can add that to my pet peeve list.
I need to finish getting dressed..........But I sure would love to curl up and go back to bed.

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