Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Morning folks...Another Tuesday is here. I didn't sleep good last night and now I feel like crap. I hate that feeling. I guess I'll drag butt all day. The weatherman keeps talking about this cold front that is coming on Friday. Just in time for the Lighted Christmas parade and my Garage sale on Saturday. I just love freezing my butt off. Speaking of Garage sale I have everything ready for it on Saturday. I sold $70 dollars worth of stuff last night. I hope they come and buy up all the clothes I didn't realize I had. One would think I had a illness. HA!
Daughter dear has a lock in at the school on Friday night. She has to be picked up at 6:00am Saturday morning. I told the teacher that her timing for this event was off. Garage sale and a tired child doesn't go hand and hand in my book. I hope that she will come home and go to bed but knowing my luck she will want to help. I guess we will have to wait see. Sunday I'm taking daughter dear to have pictures made. I figured this would be a good Christmas gift for the Grandparents instead of something they don't need. Have you ever been given something you didn't want? I know I have. I know this may upset the hubby but he bought me a GPS last weekend and told me it was my Christmas gift. I guess the look on my face said it all because he was asking "Don't you like it"? I'm like, sure honey. How much did it cost. Only $532.00. I about fell over. I told him it was his Christmas and that I really didn't need anything. Which is true. I don't need a thing. I have to say in his defense that I used the thing to get me down to Kingsville last week and it was nice having it but I don't travel as much as I use to. So I want to hear about gifts that you were given and could have lived without. I think it would be fun to hear about it.
I need to get going. I have to meet with the neighbor before I leave for the day. She is leaving for the month of December and I will be house sitting for her. I hope everyone has a great day!

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