Sunday, November 26, 2006

Daughter dear has always had a gift in writing. Yesterday she was waiting for me to finish up some things around the house so she sat down and wrote a short story for me. I thought it was a good story and thought I would share it with you.

The Magic Ornament

One snowy winter day, Mom was baking cookies for a Christmas party. I was decorating the tree. I took out a ornament and saw something under it. It was a red glass ball ornament with a green tree on it. I picked it up and magic dust came out of it. It was a breath taking sight. The magic dust sprinkled all over. Something magical happened. I look up and down and I'm standing there in winter clothing. "Where am I"? I asked myself.
A person with pointed ears said, "Why your at the North Pole" he answered. "Oh I see, you are an elf". I said. He took me to Santa's work shop. He said, "you need to see Santa and tell him your discovery". He took me to Santa. I told Santa everything about the ornament. He said,"That ornament you found, is the true meaning of Christmas". He had a surprise waiting. I got to meet and feed his reindeers. Do you know how I made it home from the North Pole? By Santa's sleigh. That was so cool. I made it home just in time for the party and shared my story with my family and friends . Christmas is the magical time of the year if only you believe.

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