Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It is a cold morning here on the bay. I checked the temp and it is a warm 46 degrees. Of course I forgot to turn on the heater before I went to bed last night. But that is okay I have a new heating system in the house and it takes no time to warm the house.
Daughter dear is having a Multi Culture feast in her classroom today. Every student has to bring a dish to represent their background. She will be taking Lasana because my daddy is French/Cajun and I figured the kiddos would eat it. She came home yesterday talking about her friend would be bringing warm German potato salad. She thought the idea of eating warm salad was gross. I just snickered when she gave me her view on this.
My sisters and I usually go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. But with the Crabs going to be playing down in Kingsville on Friday we will have to push the shopping spree to Saturday. So the posting may be light due to all the holidays.
I need to get off this thing and finish getting ready but here I sit. Today is our last day for the week. Yeah....I'm ready to have some time off. I need to figure out when I'm going to get the tree up. It is such a chore to put the monster up. I also need to have a garge sale in the next few weeks. I have been putting that sale off since August. I will get it done some way some how. Now I really have to get busy....I hope everyone has a great day!

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