Thursday, December 21, 2006

Big relief

Hubby and I were coming back from Victoria this afternoon and a truck ran a stop sign in front of us. He hit a car that was going about 50 mph. I told my hubby right before the impact that the truck was going to hit the car and sure enough it did. The car spun around about 3 inches off the ground and the truck went off into the ditch . I couldn't belive my eyes. I reaching for the cell phone and dialing 911. I told the operator where I was and what happened then I bail out and start running to the car. I looked back and my hubby was sitting in the SUV. I'm looking back at him not even thinking about him being sick and gave him this look and then he gets out and follows me. I was trying to pull the door open but I couldn't get it. Hubby comes and gives it a hard pull and was able to get it open. I'm talking to the man behind the wheel of the car and he was asking me to help his dad. His dad had a broken arm and ankle. I didn't want to move him but his pacemaker was giving him shocks from what he was trying to tell me. I then move to the back seat trying to calm the woman in the back. She kept wanting to get out of the car. I do believe she was in shock. I kept telling her to sit still and she wouldn't listen. Her husband finally told her to sit still. My hubby in that time was over at the truck. They couldn't get the door open on either side. The man was stuck between the floor and the seat. You could tell that he wasn't wearing his seat belt and that he had a very serious head injury. I kept thinking to myself where is the EMS. They finally showed up and started working on the man in the truck. I was still with the car when the smoke turned into flames and the man was telling me he could see flames. I was yelling at the cop and the cop was yelling at the fireman and then they got a hose and put water on it. Then the mans pacemaker starts shocking him more and he is asking me to get him some help. By that time another EMS crew show up and so I walk over to the other side of the car and stay with thewoman until they can get her out. They still had the jaws working on the truck and my hubby was telling me that the fireman was saying the guy was dead. Then a cop came up to me and was asking me to come over and give my statement. As I was walking over to where he asked me to stand they get the man out of the truck and I see his head and he was blue and not responding at all. This upset me really bad. I have worked in a nursing home and I have dealt with dead people before but this was terrible. I started crying while giving my statement and the cop goes back and tells the other officers what I said and then he comes back and asks if I'm sure I saw it correctly. I told him again and from what I said the first time it was backwards in the way it happened. The officer said it happens all the time. I had it right in my head but when I went to say it then it came out wrong because I was so upset with seeing the older man dying right there in front of me. Well this evening I get a phone call from the officer himself and they were able to save the man. I feel like a big weight was lifted off. I'm in a better frame of mind and I thanked the officer for the call and he thanked me for what I did this afternoon.

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