Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good Morning folks! It looks to be a overcast Wednesday on Lavaca Bay today. It is a warm 52 degrees this morning. But when you get outside the wind is blowing and it makes it chilly. We have rain coming later today. I would love to wash the SUV but with rain chances for the rest of the week I guess a couple more days of having a dirty vechicle won't matter. I hope the thing starts being that I haven't left the house in three days.
I'm still taking down Christmas stuff. I hope to have it all done before we go back to school. I have been so bored being at home. I told the hubby that I just might find a place to cut hair part time this summer that way I'll have something to do. I don't care much for sitting around doing nothing.
I think I pissed my oldest sister off. Her hubby is having his 50th birthday next Saturday. His daughter called the night before and invited us to the surprise birthday party at a comedy store in Houston. Well sister called last night and was telling me to let my parents baby sit and hubby and I to come on down. Well hubby informed me that he has a shut down that week and wouldn't be able to make it and I really don't want to go by myself. I told her this and she was like other phone is ringing I have to go. Okay....My parents were here and they couldn't believe her hanging up on me the way she did. Who knows.
Anyway I guess my break is over for now. Time to get back to taking down Christmas.

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