Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What an afternoon....It has been one of those cratch your head and say WTF afternoons. Daughter Dear went and got the mail for me earlier . In the pile was a nice little letter from Ford Credit Company. I figured it was going to be some kind of offer or a deal. NOPE.... It was a nice letter asking for their December payment??? I stood there thinking I paid that payment. I look in my checkbook and sure enough it showed that I had paid it a week in advance. So I call Ford and ask them if it was a mistake. Nope....I call the bank and sure enough the check never went through. So I ask them to stop payment. No can do. If I can come down in person and pay the $22.00 and then they will cancel the check or I can log online and stop it that way. Needless to say I stopped payment on it. So I call Ford back and tell them that the check didn't go through and they proceed to tell me to either pay my late payment now or it will go on my credit as being a late. This pissed me off. I'm like who do I contact to get this paid. They tell me how. Then I let them know real quick that I have good credit and never had this problem before. I have the feeling that she thought I couldn't make my payment. So I call over the phone and do a automatic deduction from my checking account. Then I call this woman back at Ford Credit and asked her if the payment went through. Yes it did and thank you for clearing up this problem. She then tells me that I could have waited and paid Dec. and Jan. payment together. I'm like WTF....You told me it had to be taken care by tomorrow. I hung up because I was so mad.
I can honestly say I have never had a payment lost in the mail before and I hope like hell it never happens again.

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