Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good morning folks. Another Tuesday is upon us. Looks to be a cloudy day with more rain on the way. Oh boy...I think the kids will have to adjust to having flippers and webbed feet because there is so much water.
This weekend was terrible. Before we walked in the door daughter dear was complaining about feeling icky. Well I found out what icky was. She ended up having the stomach bug for the weekend. I have never in all my life cleaned up so much puke. Saturday at 2:15 am was the winner though. I was so tired I slept through her having another round. She came and woke me up and I walked into her room and it looked like automatic water sprinkler except with throw up had went in a half circle around her room. I'm like what in the world happened honey. She was sound asleep and couldn't get up fast enough and it was everywhere. I stripped the bed and cleaned the closet doors but the carpet I had to leave until 6:00 am because I loaned my in laws my carpet cleaner. Hubby was wonderful and went and picked it up then he came home and cleaned the carpets. So after four hours of doing laundry I finally had her room smelling good again.
Then Sunday evening rolls around we are all tired. We all get to bed and around 11:15 my sister in law calls. My father in law passed out and the EMS was on the way. He is okay now and I was happy to have Monday come again. I hope we can stay well for this coming weekend. Geez Daughter dear has been to sick and this is a child that never gets sick. I hope she doesn't get the flu because there have been some children in her class with it. I guess it will be a wait and see.
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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