Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm just so happy...I couldn't wait to get out of bed this morning. I get to sit in a meeting half a day and try to stay awake. Fun Fun Fun. Truth be known I'll be dragging my feet all the way to school.
Guess what??? The sky is clear and there is no rain falling. Yeah!!We only get a one day break though. Pastures around here look like lakes. I haven't been out much just to school and back. As I was driving through the country side Daughter dear and I were commenting about how much water was standing. My main concern is we had our main road into the neighborhood fixed. They dug up the old and started from scratch and put in a new drainage system. Well the street had water standing on both sides of it. Each street was flooded that you turn on to from this main road. We never had any problem of flooding even after a good down pour. We have a rather large drainage ditch that runs down the middle of the street on the next block. It was half full from all the run off from the neighborhood next to us and from our neighborhood. Now this drainage ditch is open to inlet and from the inlet it is open to Lavaca Bay. If we ever get a Hurricane big enough I do believe I'm screwed. Because we all know with a hurricane comes storm surge. So with the streets not draining right and having this ditch on the next block I'm thinking we will get flooded and I'm not even in a flood plain. Once again I think to much.......
Daughter dear had her stitches out yesterday evening. Poor kid was nervous and after waiting an hour in the waiting room and another 20 minutes in the room she asked me to take them out because she was tired of waiting and wanted to go home. I told her I would because I to was tired of waiting. She ended up having one stitch stuck in her arm and yes it hurt when the nurse finally pulled it out. Then her cut started opening back up. The nurse went and got the doctor and the doctor put steri strips on and said to keep it dry and clean for another week. It should be healed up by that time. I hope so.
I guess I better get going...I have a meeting ya know.

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